How to Choose a Cat Bed

Your cat is a creature of habit and comfort. So, it is important to get him or her a nice comfy bed to spend their leisurely days. There are many choices for cat beds to choose from. Today, we want to share a few tips on what you should consider when you want to buy a bed for your cat.

1. Measure your cat

Before you go out to buy your cat a bed, measure him. Measure the length of his body and a few inches to both sides. Also, weigh your cat if possible. The bed you buy has to be sturdy enough to carry the weight of your cat. It must also be big enough so he can stretch and sleep in all those cat-like weird positions.

2. Consider your budget

Your budget will be a big factor in the type of bed you buy. There will be many options and you will have to know what you can spend on the bed. You don’t need to buy the most expensive bed. It must just be comfortable and big enough.

3. Decide on a fabric

Cat beds are made of many different materials. Some are natural and some are synthetic. Be careful of your choice of fabric as some of them may give your cat allergic reactions and cat ear mites. Choose something that is soft and won’t irritate their skin. You know your cat better than anyone else. Keep in mind the types of fabrics they sleep on around the house. They will probably enjoy anything that is similar.

4. Consider the location

Where you will put the bed will also have an effect on your choice. The space available will determine the size and shape that you can buy. A sunny spot is usually a good choice. Cats like the sun and warmth.

Consider all these factors when you decide to buy a cat bed. Remember your cat loves the good life and luxury, so keep that in mind.

Best Toys to Keep Your Cat Entertained

You don’t need expensive toys to keep your cats entertained. They tend to find the simplest things entertaining and fun to play with. We have made a short list of toys that cats generally enjoy and that will keep them entertained while you’re not at home. Some you need to buy and others you can make.

Different types of balls – Bouncy balls, soft balls, mylar balls, and any other type you can find. They like things that roll and they like things that crinkle and shine. So, no matter what type of ball, your cat will very likely enjoy playing with it.

Strings and wool – Cats enjoy chasing strings and catching them. You can use string or wool or any other thing that is similar. This is a cheap toy that will entertain your cat when he walks by it or when you play with it.

Mental stimulation toys – There are several mental simulation toys on the market. Ones where cats need to find a way to open something to get to a treat or where they need to get to a ball that keeps moving, etc. are all good for a cat’s mental health. Any type of toy where your cat needs to solve a puzzle will be mentally stimulating.

Shopping bags – Plastic and paper shopping bags are great to entertain your cat. Everyone knows they like to try and fit into anything. If there is something in the bag that interests them, they will chase it and try to get whatever it is. They will climb inside the bags and scratch it, etc. Your cat will have hours of fun entertaining himself.

Cardboard boxes – This is another cheap toy that appeals to cats and their natural instincts. They will get into anything that looks like they can fit. You can make a simple cardboard box a playpen for your cats. Cut holes in them, stick toys and strings to it, glue boxes together to make a tunnel, etc. and leave your cat to explore and play as long as he likes.

Most of these are things that you probably have around the house. So, there is no need to worry about the budget. You can make the best toys from things in your home and your cat will still love it. Be creative and give your cat a few options to choose from. He will soon know what he likes most.

How to Choose a Litter Box for Your Cat

Cat litter boxes are a must for cat owners. Today, there are many different options for cat litter boxes. You should choose the right one for your cat. If your cats are inside cats or partially inside cats, you need to have enough litter boxes and take good care of them. Here are our tips for buying the right cat litter box.

Consider the height of the sides – The side height of the litter box is important. If you have cats that are older or have disabilities or maybe some other conditions like arthritis, you should choose a box with a lower side. Older cats and ones with movement problems may not be able to get inside the box with comfort if the sides are too high.

Consider high-side boxes – The entrance should be a lower height, but you can have the sides of the litter box higher if your cat tends to kick a lot of sand. The higher sides will help more sand stay inside.

Choose a sturdy material – Plastic is usually the best option. Plastic is sturdy, lasts long and is easy to clean. It is the best option for your cat litter boxes. You will find boxes of different heights, colors and sizes. You can choose the best option for you and your cat.

Keep size in mind – The size of your cat will also determine the size of the litter box. You will need a bigger box for a large breed cat and a smaller one for kittens or other small breeds. It is important that your cat should be able to turn around in the box to give a few scrapes in the sand.

You should always try and have more than one litter box, especially if you have more than one cat. A sort of general rule is to have one more box than you have cats. With these tips, you should be able to choose the right litter box for your fur kids.