Best Toys to Keep Your Cat Entertained

You don’t need expensive toys to keep your cats entertained. They tend to find the simplest things entertaining and fun to play with. We have made a short list of toys that cats generally enjoy and that will keep them entertained while you’re not at home. Some you need to buy and others you can make.

Different types of balls – Bouncy balls, soft balls, mylar balls, and any other type you can find. They like things that roll and they like things that crinkle and shine. So, no matter what type of ball, your cat will very likely enjoy playing with it.

Strings and wool – Cats enjoy chasing strings and catching them. You can use string or wool or any other thing that is similar. This is a cheap toy that will entertain your cat when he walks by it or when you play with it.

Mental stimulation toys – There are several mental simulation toys on the market. Ones where cats need to find a way to open something to get to a treat or where they need to get to a ball that keeps moving, etc. are all good for a cat’s mental health. Any type of toy where your cat needs to solve a puzzle will be mentally stimulating.

Shopping bags – Plastic and paper shopping bags are great to entertain your cat. Everyone knows they like to try and fit into anything. If there is something in the bag that interests them, they will chase it and try to get whatever it is. They will climb inside the bags and scratch it, etc. Your cat will have hours of fun entertaining himself.

Cardboard boxes – This is another cheap toy that appeals to cats and their natural instincts. They will get into anything that looks like they can fit. You can make a simple cardboard box a playpen for your cats. Cut holes in them, stick toys and strings to it, glue boxes together to make a tunnel, etc. and leave your cat to explore and play as long as he likes.

Most of these are things that you probably have around the house. So, there is no need to worry about the budget. You can make the best toys from things in your home and your cat will still love it. Be creative and give your cat a few options to choose from. He will soon know what he likes most.